Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I do solemnly declare

So I unwrapped a beautiful new iPad on Christmas morning, therefore I no longer have any excuses for being a bad blogger!
Hear me now I shall use this iPad for the good of all blogdom and post like a Royal Mail employee, I cannot of course promise that I won't get totally carried away and start posting crafty photo's left, right and centre but I will at least try not to bore the crap out of you.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trick or Treat ..........


This is a shameless trick post, I am so close to my 1000th post view that I simply had to post a blurb to tip me over the edge.

Sorry but coming soon .............

I hope to upload a big tutorial in November for a lovely Rustic felt hanging advent calendar, like the one in my previous post I am just trying to finish of the mountain of orders I've had for them

Peace out for now x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What I've been doing instead of blogging ~ A Post In Pictures....

Polka Dot Hair Bow

Huge Felt Advent


Added a few hoops

A New Take on The Christmas Stocking

Personalised ....of course

LOVE these Manga Style Bow Headbands

And finally a bit of custom made bunting

Saturday, 15 September 2012

If Only I Had Instagram

I need to train my brain to see something cool and take a picture of it, not a mental picture an actual photograph so maybe first I should train myself to keep a camera on my person at all times.

I have a Galaxy mini phone and annoyingly it constantly tells me my memory is nearly full even though I have deleted every app known to man from the device (obviously I kept hold of FB, Ebay and so whenever I have tried to install Instagram it gets rejected booo, don't get me wrong it bothers me a great deal that apparently nobody is capable of posting photo's anymore unless they've "instagram'd" it before publishing but I do think its a great way to dodge round the fact that alot of phone cameras are still pretty pants.

I'm fairly sure I would post more often on my blog if I had pictures of the things that had intrigued and inspired me throughout my day (though an addiction I see happening to an Ipad may also help).

Moral of the post:       Photos rock you can never have enough

                                  Sepia does make a majority of things look cool
                           DON'T sign up to such a long mobile contract because when you realise your new phone sucks its too late!!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Glue is such fun......

OK just a really quick one (still working on Etsy and website but get distracted waaay too easily).
I have been at the decoupage again I'm quite pleased with this on as it actually serves a purpose to me, I don't have a craft room (much to my disappointment) I just have a set of shelves and a kitchen table but I am aiming to organise and glamourize my shelves as much as I can, so I am starting with storage options. I want pretty, practical and personalised (the 3P plan).

This is what I am kicking off with......

This was made using a set of brown paper covered office trays from Tesco and gift wrapping tissue paper from Paperchase easy peasy and totally satisfying.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Little Rustic Heritage

Now before anyone who follows the Ruby Makes blog starts to complain about me stealing post content I have only slightly stolen this one little bit and I'm fairly sure she's not going to sue me as she's my lovely niece!

By the way I strongly advise anyone with children (and looking to fill the dragging hours of the summer holidays) to follow Ruby's blog its full of kids craft ideas and tutorials!!

Aaaanyway I found a link on her blog to a web page about my late Grandfather Rudy Knight it made interesting reading for me and I'm sure it will you. He was Wall of Death rider in the first half of the last century and its pretty scary stuff involving motorbikes and a wooden cylinder (sort of), My Grandmother used to ride on the handlebars!!

So here is the Link where you can read about this man.....


Monday, 30 July 2012

Straight to blogger hell

I know I've been promising to be a better blogger and I have every intention of being one but I'm trying to get a website done (hopefully to launch in the next month sometime) this is a much longer process then I'd thought also I've been working evenings, running, making customer orders and generally being a mum. Yes excuses excuses but I just wanted to touch base to let everyone know I'm still here.

Ps the jogging is paying off finally tried on my bridesmaid dress and it fits yey!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I shall get into the book vs kindle debate some other time

Mainly a photo blog tonight guys partly because I've made several bits and bobs and also I am keen to get watching the latest episode of Supernatural (guilty pleasure........actually not that guilty have you SEEN Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).

So I attended the first Swindon spring vintage and craft fair the other weekend and It was a tad disappointing, don't get me wrong the fair itself was great some of the stalls were totally awesome, artists, vintage clothing, and handmade cake stands not to mention the almond and vanilla cupcakes (YUM) but the turnout was pretty awful. I think it was just a bit too far from the town for people to wander to and it happened to be indoors on the only sunny day for weeks! But hey you have to go to these things because you never know.

anyway this was my stall (really must purchase some display stands)....

Other than that I haven't been up to anything majorly exciting still running, making a few customer orders (photo's soon), looking into hen activities for a VERY stubborn hen (love her to bits honest) and starting to get school things for my eldest daughter, I cannot believe she is starting school very scary stuff, makes me feel all grown up.

Also this week I tried my hand at a Kindle cover for my Mum, I was fairly pleased with the results for a first try the design needs a few tweaks but I've worked them out now so can crack on with a few and add to my Folksy and Etsy shops. I used Cath Kidston fabrics, ribbon and wadding, though on future ones I am going to use much thinner wadding and line with fleece/minky fabric.

This was my attempt.....

And finally here are a few of the things I've been making.....

Wall Garlands

Boudoir eye masks

More wall garlands

vintage pin cushions and lavender bags

And some rather fetching noticeboards.

Au Revoir me beauts x

(if you would like details on buying any of these items please see my contact details tab)


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I haven't forgotten you...

My sincere apologies I have been seriously neglecting my blog these last couple of weeks, it wasn't intentional but I've done my usual "crafting under pressure" (which to be fair makes me achieve alot more). I am having a stall at the .....

It looks ace and I'm really excited but it means I've been sewing like crazy.

I finished my frilly pinny (deciding whether to add a pocket or not)

I'm really  pleased with it so I think I'll keep this one to wear to craft fairs and then if people like it I can make them to order in people's choice of fabrics.

I've  also been sewing hearts ready for making into garlands...
(tonight I am mostly closing up seams)

I've even tried my hand at making a feather fascinator, I'll need more practise on this but for a first try its not tooooo bad.

Aaand a couple more noticeboards,I love these ones I've started finishing them with buttons instead of upholstery tacks and think it gives a great result.

So this on top of jogging (yes really twice a week and I'm enjoying it), working and my new obsession with Bones I'm actually being fairly productive, but I will make sure not to neglect my blog so much and after the Vintage Fair I'll put a new tutorial up.......honest!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hey there remember me!

Hi guys sorry for the lack of posts recently but I feel completely rotten thanks to the stinking cold I've landed due to the ever changing weather we're having and I've got an evening job now, but as the schools went back today I thought I should get back on the work waggon again too.

So since my last post I have started a number of things and tonight I want to see how many I can finish (not many if I spend to long blogging)

Gorgeous new fabric for noticeboards and frilly pinny's.

Rockabilly and Rustic hair bows, this time I'm going to put some on clips an others on headbands.

Boudoir eye masks after all every glamorous starlet needs her beauty sleep (those with children are of course exempt).

Hand embroidered felt mini bunting/garlands.

I will hopefully be having a stall at my first Vintage Fair (must bribe someone to print the booking form for me tomorrow) and I'm so excited about it I shall be keeping a close eye on Retro Chick, Intrinsically Florrie and The Princess Prudence Diaries blogs for inspiration on what to wear, make and such like.

Just a quick one I know but I need to actually finish them now!!
Don't forget to "like" my Rustic Kitsch Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning my first giveaway when I reach my first 200 (only need 21 more).

Saturday, 7 April 2012

In other news

If you check out my Rustic Kitsch Facebook page (sorry I can't get it to link without it going to my admin page HELP) and "like" it you could be in with a chance of winning my first ever Rustic Kitsch giveaway!!! I'm currently on 180 likes, I know its not many but I think I'm doing pretty well ..... aaanyway when I reach 200 likes I shall be picking one of my likers at random and sending them a piece of Rustic Kitsch merchandise (umm I'm undecided on what yet though), SOO get involved!

I'm also working on some vintage ideas so far this includes eye masks (of the wear to bed kind), Frilly Pinny's and Lavender packs to keep your vintage finds smelling beautiful.
Photo's coming soon but just wanted to keep you all updated!

Turn up for the books - The Big Smoke

Firstly please excuse the quality of my photo's the camera I took with me is getting on a bit. So I finally ha my trip to London, I was looking forward to seeing Hampton Court and all it's grandeur....... I was fairly disappointed. Don't get me wrong its a mahoosive building with many a beautiful room, only an awful lot of the rooms are closed off to the public (including the whole Queen Anne section due to works blah) and its very disjointed in and out to get round. Wonderful gardens but it was a cold day and I'm not really that into horticulture ha.

We left around lunchtime which had been our plan the whole time but instead of grabbing lunch we decided to see if we could get some matinee tickets to a show and opted for Wicked at the Victoria Apollo, something my Mum and I both wanted to see. I knew I'd like it anyway but when I saw the entrance .... THE BIG GREEN GLITTERY ENTRANCE well I was pretty damn excited!

As we wondered in last minute we managed to get tickets a couple of rows from the front for a bargain price ..... more excited! Matt Willis from Busted playing Fiyero ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was never really a Busted kind of girl so I was fairly dubious but fairplay he rocked it and has also aged pretty damn finely since Busted and jungle days, I am now a happy fan. G(a)linda was played by Gina Beck - totally awesome, and Elphaba was played by understudy Nikki Davis Jones absolutely amazeballs I am now trying to find a reason to go again ......SOON. (oh go vote for Wicked to win an Olivier award)
 To top it off we went for tea at a little Japanese on Kensington High Street called Hare and Tortoise which was lush I had Panko honey king prawns (drooool) and Singapore rice noodles (mmmmm) really good value and sooo tasty, I would totally recommend to anyone (they had an ace Sushi selection but I'm not that keen sorry).

Brilliant day out really enjoyed all of it but the performing arts in me definitely won out!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


So I'm mega excited to be going to London for the day on Saturday with my Mum and more importantly no children (don't get me wrong I love my children but I never get a day off while my husband has a fair few!).
I got season one of The Tudors as a Christmas present from my sister in law and I very quickly got hooked and had watched all four seasons within a month, even my husband got addicted but they may have more to do with the amount of raunchy stuff!!

Aaaanyway I decided I'd book up a day out involving a visit to Hampton Court Palace I am planning on totally geeking out! Though I'm only planning on spending the morning here then off to mooch round the capital (hopefully including China Town for some munch).
I'd love to find some vintage type shops or markets to check out rather than the usual wonder round Covent Garden etc so if any of you lovely bloggers have any suggestions leave me a comment.

Thank you muchly I have remembered to stick my camera in my bag charged up and ready so I'll do my usual Tuesday blog about all my finds.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Organisation - good for the soul

Well hello there my beauties, hope your all fabulous!

I've been trying to organise a few things this week (not all successfully) firstly some actual organisation of the storage sense. My daughters have an Ikea storage unit which has big tubs that slide in and out, its great you can fit loads in but its way too easy to just pull out a tub chuck in the mess and before you know it their full of crap. So I've started making some drawstring bags so that the different kinds of toys are separate (this may sound slightly OCD but my girls have so many bits and bobs type toys that get everywhere) I've only done a couple so far for their barbies but its working so far. Also I plan to put a tutorial up for these soon because they are so useful and simple to make, these I made from a duvet cover.

Next I turned my attention to my growing collection of craft books don't get me wrong I love to come up with ideas and put a spin on things but sometimes Its good to get a spark from somewhere. I'm always looking through these books and going "oooo I'd love to make that for me/the girls/the house" and then put the book away, so I have made a point of picking one thing I'd like to create from each book and writing it down on a list to prompt me into making them.
The first on my list Chic on a Shoestring - Mary Jane Baxter (I picked fairly achievable makes to start me off ha ha) this book is awesome I love everything in it, I have made the Sweet and simple fabric flowers, their ace, easy and can be used on anything.

One of the other main tasks I've been meaning to crack on with is re shooting pictures for all of my makes I started this today, I want to have a white background to emphasise the products themselves but I can't quite get the lighting to be consistent which is annoying but hey at least I finally started.

Lastly I wanted to be super organised by going to see The Hunger Games the day it came out but no one could go so I STILL haven't seen it sad times.

Lastly a couple of questions alot of the blogs I follow talk about their sponsors and guest blogging being fairly new to all this I'm not one hundred percent on how these things work, any help?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

my week - the weekend

Eeeshk I started so well and then neglected my journal over the weekend so here is my re cap.

Firstly I must have been tired yesterday because I did infact go for a lovely coffee with a friend and her little boy and a friend who is expecting her first baby shortly.

On Saturday mornings my husband works so my daughters and I slouch around the house then after Justin's House (obviously staple watching for a weekend) we get ready to go to my little girl's dance class at the local school, she loves it and its very cute to watch. Afterwards we had a bite to eat and headed into town as a family to buy mothers day presents, I decided on books for my mum (I got her the book "The Help" that way I can get her the DVD for her birthday ha ha).

In Cirencester every couple of weeks we have a craft market so I went for a wonder round and got my dad a handmade ceramic mug with a gloucestershire old spot pig on, this was his birthday present which I had failed to come up with on his actual birthday in feb.
At some point in the afternoon I developed a monster cold (how is that actually possible?) so I was delighted when my husband suggested getting a curry for tea (chicken dansak and plain rice 6 1/2 syns bargain).

Sunday was fairly busy woke up feeling rubbish but did get a card my 4 yr old had written herself and some new crafty books, which improved my mood.

 Then it was off to the mother in laws to deliver a present and have a drink and catch up, then to my mums (luckily we all live in the same village) my mum was also nursing a massive cold.
In the afternoon a friends son was being christened so we had that to attend and everyone trooped to the pub after for some drinks and grub and some LUSH cupcakes.

And that concludes my weekend and my week in the life, thanks for tuning in back to normal blogs and tutorials from now on.