Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hey there remember me!

Hi guys sorry for the lack of posts recently but I feel completely rotten thanks to the stinking cold I've landed due to the ever changing weather we're having and I've got an evening job now, but as the schools went back today I thought I should get back on the work waggon again too.

So since my last post I have started a number of things and tonight I want to see how many I can finish (not many if I spend to long blogging)

Gorgeous new fabric for noticeboards and frilly pinny's.

Rockabilly and Rustic hair bows, this time I'm going to put some on clips an others on headbands.

Boudoir eye masks after all every glamorous starlet needs her beauty sleep (those with children are of course exempt).

Hand embroidered felt mini bunting/garlands.

I will hopefully be having a stall at my first Vintage Fair (must bribe someone to print the booking form for me tomorrow) and I'm so excited about it I shall be keeping a close eye on Retro Chick, Intrinsically Florrie and The Princess Prudence Diaries blogs for inspiration on what to wear, make and such like.

Just a quick one I know but I need to actually finish them now!!
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Saturday, 7 April 2012

In other news

If you check out my Rustic Kitsch Facebook page (sorry I can't get it to link without it going to my admin page HELP) and "like" it you could be in with a chance of winning my first ever Rustic Kitsch giveaway!!! I'm currently on 180 likes, I know its not many but I think I'm doing pretty well ..... aaanyway when I reach 200 likes I shall be picking one of my likers at random and sending them a piece of Rustic Kitsch merchandise (umm I'm undecided on what yet though), SOO get involved!

I'm also working on some vintage ideas so far this includes eye masks (of the wear to bed kind), Frilly Pinny's and Lavender packs to keep your vintage finds smelling beautiful.
Photo's coming soon but just wanted to keep you all updated!

Turn up for the books - The Big Smoke

Firstly please excuse the quality of my photo's the camera I took with me is getting on a bit. So I finally ha my trip to London, I was looking forward to seeing Hampton Court and all it's grandeur....... I was fairly disappointed. Don't get me wrong its a mahoosive building with many a beautiful room, only an awful lot of the rooms are closed off to the public (including the whole Queen Anne section due to works blah) and its very disjointed in and out to get round. Wonderful gardens but it was a cold day and I'm not really that into horticulture ha.

We left around lunchtime which had been our plan the whole time but instead of grabbing lunch we decided to see if we could get some matinee tickets to a show and opted for Wicked at the Victoria Apollo, something my Mum and I both wanted to see. I knew I'd like it anyway but when I saw the entrance .... THE BIG GREEN GLITTERY ENTRANCE well I was pretty damn excited!

As we wondered in last minute we managed to get tickets a couple of rows from the front for a bargain price ..... more excited! Matt Willis from Busted playing Fiyero ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was never really a Busted kind of girl so I was fairly dubious but fairplay he rocked it and has also aged pretty damn finely since Busted and jungle days, I am now a happy fan. G(a)linda was played by Gina Beck - totally awesome, and Elphaba was played by understudy Nikki Davis Jones absolutely amazeballs I am now trying to find a reason to go again ......SOON. (oh go vote for Wicked to win an Olivier award)
 To top it off we went for tea at a little Japanese on Kensington High Street called Hare and Tortoise which was lush I had Panko honey king prawns (drooool) and Singapore rice noodles (mmmmm) really good value and sooo tasty, I would totally recommend to anyone (they had an ace Sushi selection but I'm not that keen sorry).

Brilliant day out really enjoyed all of it but the performing arts in me definitely won out!