Thursday, 29 March 2012


So I'm mega excited to be going to London for the day on Saturday with my Mum and more importantly no children (don't get me wrong I love my children but I never get a day off while my husband has a fair few!).
I got season one of The Tudors as a Christmas present from my sister in law and I very quickly got hooked and had watched all four seasons within a month, even my husband got addicted but they may have more to do with the amount of raunchy stuff!!

Aaaanyway I decided I'd book up a day out involving a visit to Hampton Court Palace I am planning on totally geeking out! Though I'm only planning on spending the morning here then off to mooch round the capital (hopefully including China Town for some munch).
I'd love to find some vintage type shops or markets to check out rather than the usual wonder round Covent Garden etc so if any of you lovely bloggers have any suggestions leave me a comment.

Thank you muchly I have remembered to stick my camera in my bag charged up and ready so I'll do my usual Tuesday blog about all my finds.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Organisation - good for the soul

Well hello there my beauties, hope your all fabulous!

I've been trying to organise a few things this week (not all successfully) firstly some actual organisation of the storage sense. My daughters have an Ikea storage unit which has big tubs that slide in and out, its great you can fit loads in but its way too easy to just pull out a tub chuck in the mess and before you know it their full of crap. So I've started making some drawstring bags so that the different kinds of toys are separate (this may sound slightly OCD but my girls have so many bits and bobs type toys that get everywhere) I've only done a couple so far for their barbies but its working so far. Also I plan to put a tutorial up for these soon because they are so useful and simple to make, these I made from a duvet cover.

Next I turned my attention to my growing collection of craft books don't get me wrong I love to come up with ideas and put a spin on things but sometimes Its good to get a spark from somewhere. I'm always looking through these books and going "oooo I'd love to make that for me/the girls/the house" and then put the book away, so I have made a point of picking one thing I'd like to create from each book and writing it down on a list to prompt me into making them.
The first on my list Chic on a Shoestring - Mary Jane Baxter (I picked fairly achievable makes to start me off ha ha) this book is awesome I love everything in it, I have made the Sweet and simple fabric flowers, their ace, easy and can be used on anything.

One of the other main tasks I've been meaning to crack on with is re shooting pictures for all of my makes I started this today, I want to have a white background to emphasise the products themselves but I can't quite get the lighting to be consistent which is annoying but hey at least I finally started.

Lastly I wanted to be super organised by going to see The Hunger Games the day it came out but no one could go so I STILL haven't seen it sad times.

Lastly a couple of questions alot of the blogs I follow talk about their sponsors and guest blogging being fairly new to all this I'm not one hundred percent on how these things work, any help?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

my week - the weekend

Eeeshk I started so well and then neglected my journal over the weekend so here is my re cap.

Firstly I must have been tired yesterday because I did infact go for a lovely coffee with a friend and her little boy and a friend who is expecting her first baby shortly.

On Saturday mornings my husband works so my daughters and I slouch around the house then after Justin's House (obviously staple watching for a weekend) we get ready to go to my little girl's dance class at the local school, she loves it and its very cute to watch. Afterwards we had a bite to eat and headed into town as a family to buy mothers day presents, I decided on books for my mum (I got her the book "The Help" that way I can get her the DVD for her birthday ha ha).

In Cirencester every couple of weeks we have a craft market so I went for a wonder round and got my dad a handmade ceramic mug with a gloucestershire old spot pig on, this was his birthday present which I had failed to come up with on his actual birthday in feb.
At some point in the afternoon I developed a monster cold (how is that actually possible?) so I was delighted when my husband suggested getting a curry for tea (chicken dansak and plain rice 6 1/2 syns bargain).

Sunday was fairly busy woke up feeling rubbish but did get a card my 4 yr old had written herself and some new crafty books, which improved my mood.

 Then it was off to the mother in laws to deliver a present and have a drink and catch up, then to my mums (luckily we all live in the same village) my mum was also nursing a massive cold.
In the afternoon a friends son was being christened so we had that to attend and everyone trooped to the pub after for some drinks and grub and some LUSH cupcakes.

And that concludes my weekend and my week in the life, thanks for tuning in back to normal blogs and tutorials from now on.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My week - Friday

ummmm not a very exciting day to report school run, flaming viewing cancelled again everyone else seemed to be living it up during Gold Cup day at Cheltenham races ....... except me obviously.

Highlight of my day? learning to make organza flowers by studying you tube videos.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

my week - Thursday

Last night we had a call to say we had another viewing booked for today which is great, everything clean and ready, arranged to have lunch at my sisters and see a friend this afternoon......... now they've changed viewing to tomo DOH!!!!

I walked my niece to school this morning while my sister went to the midwife (she's a week overdue) this sparked every person I passed to ask if it was because baby was on the way and I got rather bored of disappointing all of them by the end.

Even though our viewing cancelled I knew my daughter would still want to go to my sisters for lunch..... and what a good job we did about an hour after we got there my sister said oooo I think i felt something then within the next hour she went very quickly from that to sitting on the sofa not being able to get up when having a contraction. Exciting stuff so I cancelled meeting my friend (which I was gutted about because she's over from Germany for the week and I haven't seen her to catch up on her wedding plans yet) we called the hospital, husband and our mum for babysitting duties then off she went and had my newest niece a couple of hours later yey!

In the evening I was good and got some exercise in though I didn't do any geekercise I managed just dance 3 (which to me is definitely hard work). All in all a pretty good day!

my week - wednesday

I decided to be good mummy today and attend my daughters playgroup coffee morning which was held in a local church hall, its great there are toys for the little ones and there was cake and drinks for the parents and the play leaders and committee members (I'm on the committee but was attending as a parent) on hand to answer questions. Unfortunately only me and one other person came which was disappointing I think people should make better use of these opportunities though I appreciate many of the parents work.

After this my friend came to pick up her noticeboard (see Tuesdays post) which she is giving to her mum for mothers day, then we picked the kids up from playgroup and the day was fairly uneventful from then on hence no pictures today. I had vowed to do some exercise this evening but by the time the girls were in bed I was too tired and used the excuse that my ipod needed charging so I'll do it tomo (I will also explain my method of exercise which I refer to as geekercise).

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My week - Tuesday

Today I wake up clinging to the edge of my daughters single bed having given up on plodding back and forth in the night, then the usual morning routine ensues.
After dropping my eldest off at playgroup I come home and get made to turn Mr Tumble on as soon as I get through the door (those of you who don't know who he is are probably better off). I take this opportunity to start a badge based around The Hunger Games (due to be released at the end of the week and I'm quite excited)

Its going to have "The Girl Who Was On Fire" stitched on the black part, nothing special but I wanted to do some geekery!

Then as baby and me sat on the sofa chilling I got a phonecall to say we had someone who wanted to do a viewing on our flat (its for sale), this is great but they wanted to come at lunchtime and this involved me springing off the sofa and tidying like a lunatic.

After I pick my daughter up we go to town with mum because I'm making a noticeboard for a friend and I've run out of the ribbon I was using annoyingly so had the fabric shop so I had to pick a different ribbon and re-staple the whole lot!!!!
Not wanting to get home before the viewing was finished I suggested we go for lunch at the local garden centre (jacket potato, chilli and salad).

Tuesday night is my night for getting making bits sorted while my hubby is out at darts, so I've finished the noticeboard (I custom make these check out my facebook page)

 and now I'm blogging to you lovey lot! but I need to go and stitch my badge so laters dudes x

My week - Monday

Sooooo I get up whenever my daughters drag me out of bed which was about 7am today not bad going. same old routine get up, get them scrubbed and dressed and fed.
On a Monday I have a hot choc and no breakfast and put on the lightest possible clothes I own ready for my weigh in at chub club. Today I am not at all surprised to learn I have put on what I lost last week due to the junk consumed on a day out at western yesterday.
I  resolved this week to stick 100% to my slimming world plan and doing this journal may actually be quite helpful, then maybe I'll fit into these...

I bought these too small intentionally so I could "slim" into them far they've spent alot of time waiting in the drawer.

After the hectic scramble that is tea (gammon steaks an potato rosti), bath and bedtime for the girls, Hubby and I sit on the sofa for a min ................................ and don't move till we decide we're so tired we should flop into bed!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Soooooo my sister is doing this thing on her blog (Luck and Charm) where she documents a week in the life. she's told me I simply MUST get involved so I shall endeavour to comply with her request.

In advance I would like to apologise if the presentation of these blogs is not great I shall mainly be doing them from my phone because that is the only way I'll remember to do it everyday. 
Also it would be great for some of you guys to do this too its always a good excuse for a nose ha ha. 

Now let me go plan some interesting things for my week ummm ............

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

inspiration - blue skies and birdsong

I have decided that as I spend so much time gawping at folksy and etsy I will start features every now and then showcasing some of the gorgeous things I see inspired by whatever mood takes me.

Today is a gorgeous day (but freezing) not a cloud to be seen and everything is looking very spring like with lots of birdsong outside so these are my finds for the day.

Wouldn't mind seeing this flying past: lovely "Dove of peace" mosaic by Kate Rattray Mosaics on Folksy.

 gorgeous fabric on this summer Birds cushion by Phoebe Bee Bee on Folksy.

This beautiful piece of felty goodness captures my mood perfectly. "magnolia Blooms and Birds" art print by Caroline Rose Art on folksy.

It would be a glorious day for a picnic (if a little chilly) and even better if I had this wonderful vintage hamper to take it in by Abigail Thornwhistles on Etsy.

And here is a wonderful blue sky without the big houses that are ruining my view. This delightfully fresh Limited edition print called "Evolution of Nature" is by Katlix on Etsy.

Its not spring without flowers and these are beautiful. This spring tree photography is by Madden Photography on Etsy.

Finally how about a new accessory to match the lovely mood. This cute as item is the "Two Little Love Bird" necklace by Devin Michaels on Etsy.

This blog has made me smile to write ciao x

Friday, 2 March 2012

What I've been upto of late (craft wise)

So its been a little while since my last post, I thought rather than waffle about some of the things I wanted to make but never got round to I'd actually get stuck in and make them instead so I'd have some pictures to post!
Well I've been desperately trying to finish this bunk bed curtain that I keep talking about and finally, FINALLY I have finished it!
Its not that its a massively complicated design it just required cutting and hand sewing etc which are things that I just can't get done when my daughters are up. But now its done I'm pretty pleased with the results (though my machine embroidery needs serious practice) its only for home so doesn't matter that its not totally perfect.

Also I've been making some bunting for my Etsy which I'd like to do alot more of in a million designs (slight exaggeration).

My other latest addiction is Decopatch give me some glue and cut up paper and I'm away, I'm really pleased with the mirror but it still needs a bit of work to build up the birds round the centre.

Next job reshoot all my items for my various shops and pages!?!? I don't expect this to be completed anytime soon but no time like the present hey?