Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Upcomings!! (is that a word?)

Hey there!
Finally making some progress with some of my projects, got the machining done on the curtain for my daughter's bunk beds (got slightly carried away hemming and its now not quite wide enough but hey ho) just need to add all the appliques and it will finally be done.
I will ad pictures of my progress and my finished projects, but I'd also like to start getting some tutorials on here. I'm going to do a Cushion but to start I am going to pop a quick tute on tonight on how to make a little gift bag which can be used for little presents, vouchers or for small children (don't put your children inside this my cause slight confusion and tantrums but they might like to stick something in it).

and completely unrelated looks like it may snow today and I will finally get to use the sledge which is sulking in the cupboard and my toasty welly socks, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Friday, 27 January 2012

The dreaded brain clog

It would appear that I am currently suffering from crafters block. I have a million books, magazines and supscriptions to blogs, I see a multitude of things I want to make or buy but I am failing miserably to have any inspiring original ideas.
Maybe its that there are so many inspiring crafters out there at present or that I haven't completely worked out my own style yet?

I actually think it may be that I've spent so much time looking at other people's designs, books and articles that I've overloaded my brain with too many wonderful ideas, (which I failed to file away in my mental organiser) now I can't quite remember what I'd decided to create.

I am I the only person who sees so many gorgeous designs that sometimes you think someone, somewhere must have already done every idea you come up with.
I endeavor to carry my craft idea notebook with me absolutely everywhere so I can jot down every flash of genius (slight exaggeration) that passes through my mind, then when I get the chance to sit down at my sewing machine I'll know exactly what I'm trying to achieve!

In conclusion I have two children that deprive me of my sleep so my brain no longer functions at normal speed, not enough time to sew and I spend far too much time looking on craft gossip

Sunday, 22 January 2012

chunky bolognese too good not to share

Without a doubt I could happily eat pasta every day and bolognese is my favourite sauce, so I thought I'd share my own version with you guys. I'm not keen on the traditional version which is very finely ground meat so I make a chunky version.
(sorry its not a very precise recipe I add splashes and glugs to my own taste)
you will need:
lean steak mince (I buy 800gm packs)
pancetta lardons
pasata (with basil and garlic)
tin of chopped tomatoes
knorr beef stock pot (not the dark one)
peppers (red,green or both)
herbs de provence
balsamic vinegar (just a splash)
worcestershire sauce
sweet chilli sauce
red wine
ok so thats quite alot but they are things I tend to have lurking in my cupboards.
chop then soften the onions in a pan then add the mince, pancetta and a sprinkle of herbs, once the meat has browned a bit add a glug of wine and the stock pot once cooked through add the veg (chop however fine or chunky you like). let this cook for a few mins then drain the tin of tomatoes and add them in.
Next pour in your pasata, splashes of worcestershire, balsamic and chilli sauce, another pinch of herbs and a BIG pinch of paprika then give a massive stir. Turn the heat down and simmer for as long as you like 10 mins for a speedy tea or an hour or so for for a reallllllly tasty meal.
its great with linguini or last night I used it to make a lasagne......lush!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

learning to utilize my time is a valuable lesson

Yesterday I had 1 hour in the morning while baby was sleeping and wiggle was at playgroup, did I make the most of my time? get as much cleaning done as I could or get cracking on my ever growing pile of projects? NO of course not I pottered about for half an hour wondering what to do then sat down and made a heart from beads!!! Pretty as it is it was not on my list or a practical use of child free time (sitting down and reading the rest of the hunger games would have been better).

Today I had learned from my mistake.
By some stroke of luck Bunch was asleep by the time we were back from the school run, so I seized my chance and in the hour or so I had I managed to get all my bits and pieces out, ironed all the fabric for my daughters bunk bed curtain, cut out half the applique pieces, press the ties and stuck a load of washing in the machine for good measure.

Definately a step in the right direction for a more organised and productive new year!
Just need to get cracking on that diet hmmmmm ..................cake anyone?