Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Construction Work

Hey guys! 

So to see in the new year (quite late I know) I am going to be giving my Blog a spruce, ready for me to be a better blogger (no really!!).
I shall return with a prettier layout/design and more regular posts and tutorials.
Also I will be running 2 more Blogs (yes you heard right!) one will be a film review blog and the other is based around a book I just got called My Future in Listography it's a totally awesome find! 

So I shall see you all shortly x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I do solemnly declare

So I unwrapped a beautiful new iPad on Christmas morning, therefore I no longer have any excuses for being a bad blogger!
Hear me now I shall use this iPad for the good of all blogdom and post like a Royal Mail employee, I cannot of course promise that I won't get totally carried away and start posting crafty photo's left, right and centre but I will at least try not to bore the crap out of you.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trick or Treat ..........


This is a shameless trick post, I am so close to my 1000th post view that I simply had to post a blurb to tip me over the edge.

Sorry but coming soon .............

I hope to upload a big tutorial in November for a lovely Rustic felt hanging advent calendar, like the one in my previous post I am just trying to finish of the mountain of orders I've had for them

Peace out for now x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What I've been doing instead of blogging ~ A Post In Pictures....

Polka Dot Hair Bow

Huge Felt Advent


Added a few hoops

A New Take on The Christmas Stocking

Personalised ....of course

LOVE these Manga Style Bow Headbands

And finally a bit of custom made bunting

Saturday, 15 September 2012

If Only I Had Instagram

I need to train my brain to see something cool and take a picture of it, not a mental picture an actual photograph so maybe first I should train myself to keep a camera on my person at all times.

I have a Galaxy mini phone and annoyingly it constantly tells me my memory is nearly full even though I have deleted every app known to man from the device (obviously I kept hold of FB, Ebay and Twitter....staples) so whenever I have tried to install Instagram it gets rejected booo, don't get me wrong it bothers me a great deal that apparently nobody is capable of posting photo's anymore unless they've "instagram'd" it before publishing but I do think its a great way to dodge round the fact that alot of phone cameras are still pretty pants.

I'm fairly sure I would post more often on my blog if I had pictures of the things that had intrigued and inspired me throughout my day (though an addiction I see happening to an Ipad may also help).

Moral of the post:       Photos rock you can never have enough

                                  Sepia does make a majority of things look cool
                           DON'T sign up to such a long mobile contract because when you realise your new phone sucks its too late!!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Glue is such fun......

OK just a really quick one (still working on Etsy and website but get distracted waaay too easily).
I have been at the decoupage again I'm quite pleased with this on as it actually serves a purpose to me, I don't have a craft room (much to my disappointment) I just have a set of shelves and a kitchen table but I am aiming to organise and glamourize my shelves as much as I can, so I am starting with storage options. I want pretty, practical and personalised (the 3P plan).

This is what I am kicking off with......

This was made using a set of brown paper covered office trays from Tesco and gift wrapping tissue paper from Paperchase easy peasy and totally satisfying.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Little Rustic Heritage

Now before anyone who follows the Ruby Makes blog starts to complain about me stealing post content I have only slightly stolen this one little bit and I'm fairly sure she's not going to sue me as she's my lovely niece!

By the way I strongly advise anyone with children (and looking to fill the dragging hours of the summer holidays) to follow Ruby's blog its full of kids craft ideas and tutorials!!

Aaaanyway I found a link on her blog to a web page about my late Grandfather Rudy Knight it made interesting reading for me and I'm sure it will you. He was Wall of Death rider in the first half of the last century and its pretty scary stuff involving motorbikes and a wooden cylinder (sort of), My Grandmother used to ride on the handlebars!!

So here is the Link where you can read about this man.....