Saturday, 15 September 2012

If Only I Had Instagram

I need to train my brain to see something cool and take a picture of it, not a mental picture an actual photograph so maybe first I should train myself to keep a camera on my person at all times.

I have a Galaxy mini phone and annoyingly it constantly tells me my memory is nearly full even though I have deleted every app known to man from the device (obviously I kept hold of FB, Ebay and so whenever I have tried to install Instagram it gets rejected booo, don't get me wrong it bothers me a great deal that apparently nobody is capable of posting photo's anymore unless they've "instagram'd" it before publishing but I do think its a great way to dodge round the fact that alot of phone cameras are still pretty pants.

I'm fairly sure I would post more often on my blog if I had pictures of the things that had intrigued and inspired me throughout my day (though an addiction I see happening to an Ipad may also help).

Moral of the post:       Photos rock you can never have enough

                                  Sepia does make a majority of things look cool
                           DON'T sign up to such a long mobile contract because when you realise your new phone sucks its too late!!!!