Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I shall get into the book vs kindle debate some other time

Mainly a photo blog tonight guys partly because I've made several bits and bobs and also I am keen to get watching the latest episode of Supernatural (guilty pleasure........actually not that guilty have you SEEN Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).

So I attended the first Swindon spring vintage and craft fair the other weekend and It was a tad disappointing, don't get me wrong the fair itself was great some of the stalls were totally awesome, artists, vintage clothing, and handmade cake stands not to mention the almond and vanilla cupcakes (YUM) but the turnout was pretty awful. I think it was just a bit too far from the town for people to wander to and it happened to be indoors on the only sunny day for weeks! But hey you have to go to these things because you never know.

anyway this was my stall (really must purchase some display stands)....

Other than that I haven't been up to anything majorly exciting still running, making a few customer orders (photo's soon), looking into hen activities for a VERY stubborn hen (love her to bits honest) and starting to get school things for my eldest daughter, I cannot believe she is starting school very scary stuff, makes me feel all grown up.

Also this week I tried my hand at a Kindle cover for my Mum, I was fairly pleased with the results for a first try the design needs a few tweaks but I've worked them out now so can crack on with a few and add to my Folksy and Etsy shops. I used Cath Kidston fabrics, ribbon and wadding, though on future ones I am going to use much thinner wadding and line with fleece/minky fabric.

This was my attempt.....

And finally here are a few of the things I've been making.....

Wall Garlands

Boudoir eye masks

More wall garlands

vintage pin cushions and lavender bags

And some rather fetching noticeboards.

Au Revoir me beauts x

(if you would like details on buying any of these items please see my contact details tab)


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I haven't forgotten you...

My sincere apologies I have been seriously neglecting my blog these last couple of weeks, it wasn't intentional but I've done my usual "crafting under pressure" (which to be fair makes me achieve alot more). I am having a stall at the .....

It looks ace and I'm really excited but it means I've been sewing like crazy.

I finished my frilly pinny (deciding whether to add a pocket or not)

I'm really  pleased with it so I think I'll keep this one to wear to craft fairs and then if people like it I can make them to order in people's choice of fabrics.

I've  also been sewing hearts ready for making into garlands...
(tonight I am mostly closing up seams)

I've even tried my hand at making a feather fascinator, I'll need more practise on this but for a first try its not tooooo bad.

Aaand a couple more noticeboards,I love these ones I've started finishing them with buttons instead of upholstery tacks and think it gives a great result.

So this on top of jogging (yes really twice a week and I'm enjoying it), working and my new obsession with Bones I'm actually being fairly productive, but I will make sure not to neglect my blog so much and after the Vintage Fair I'll put a new tutorial up.......honest!